What is Sanctioning?

July 25, 2018

As a member of a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), you enjoy a number of benefits. Access to cost effective insurance and knowledgeable risk management is only one benefit we promote through our GameDay Insurance brokers at GameDay Insurance.

Each PSO has internal processes in place to assess and determine the types of activities that they wish to support, promote and endorse. This process is referred to as sanctioning.

Having a clear list of activities the PSO supports means athletes and coaches know exactly what is expected of their membership in the organization. It also limits their exposure to risk and potential injuries by keeping activities within a defined framework.

A clear definition of sports also means the PSO can purchase the right coverage for its members- no more and no less. It also means clubs have a clear understanding of the activities they are covered for and allowed to promote to their clientele. Maintaining a good standing as member club is an important marker for potential new clients- it means the club is prudent about risk management and takes training seriously. As a Provincial Organization, knowing which clubs are following the membership rules allows them to tailor Risk Management information to those who need it most.

If you are a member of a provincial Sport Organization, or an athlete looking to join a club, asking questions about sanctioning is a good way to become familiar with the organization’s operations.