Mitigate Sports Insurance by Keeping Your Sports Equipment In Good Repair

July 13, 2018

For many sports, equipment is a crucial part of the game- as important as good training and excellent coaching. Ensuring your equipment is in good repair is one risk management tool you can use to keep sports insurance claims from occurring.

Here are few tips on how to mitigate your sports insurance claims:

  • At the beginning of each season, instruct players or parents to review their existing equipment and ensure its ready for another season of use
  • Throughout the season, do an equipment check as a team. Make sure all items are in good working order, and can function as intended. Repair or replace anything that poses a safety hazard.
  • Consider gear swaps as a low-cost alternative to buying new each season. As long as the used equipment is in good shape, it can be used by multiple families for many years!
  • Athletes should always wear proper protective equipment to avoid injury. If funding is a barrier to acquiring this safety equipment, consider investigating into local grants and fundraising opportunities to ensure the safety of all players.
  • In league play, ensuring all teams have well functioning equipment is in everyone’s best interest-injuries can occur to opposing teams too!

In addition to keeping your sporting equipment in good repair, it's important to insure your equipment when it's being stored or in transit. No fret, GameDay Insurance offers practical and customizable property insurance to meet your clients' needs!